A Small Miracle
A father and son enjoy each other's company while sitting in their yard.

Rick Lacey has a lot to smile about these days. Spending time in a new home in Cedar Rapids, with his son Peter, life is simply good. During the floods of 2008, however, the story was different. Rick endured devastation, as flood waters filled his home, destroying everything he owned.

Thankfully, Peter was able to spend time with his mother at a local hotel, but Rick faced quite a different reality. Jumping from place to place, and exhausting his stay at a number of shelters, Rick was facing homelessness.

Rick had found work at Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP), and quickly learned about their Shelter Assistance Fund, funding provided by the Iowa Finance Authority.

Through the program, Rick was able to secure a home of his own. Now, with a secure home, Peter is back, able to spend time with his dad, helping around the new house.